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    Rating: 7.5

    Votes: 4

    Plays: 878

    About Force Ship

    Continue challenging yourself in Force Ship, a very new playground where you will experience fierce battles in the outer space. Moreover, you can explore different cool things that only have in this game. Feel enthusiastic, right? Click the PLAY button and act instantly, guys!

    Similar to other space-themed shooting .io games, your main character is always a modern spaceship and your biggest objective is to be the top player on the leaderboard. Of course, I bet you know what you should do right after entering the main screen; that is, direct the ship to knock out any opponent you catch on the battlefield.

    Firstly, you need to use a cannon on the ship to shoot down the opponents. Secondly, increase the ship’s speed and collide against your enemies to make them run into asteroids or the playground’s arena. No matter which ways you’re going to carry out, make sure you perform accurately and quickly so that they cannot counterattack.

    The more enemies you defeat, the more scores you will have. And your position on the leaderboard is also improved.

    However, please note an important thing that can affect your progress. It’s about guiding the spaceship. When playing, you will soon recognize that this job is not easy. Your ship will move inertially when being controlled. That means it will continue moving forwards without turning around or any direction if you don’t control it. And in case you don’t do in time, bad troubles might happen. For instance, the spaceship can smash into the asteroids or the borders by itself and the game will be over.

    Hence, you need to be skillful to take control of the spaceship and at the same time avoid the opponent’s attack. The best thing is to practice a lot and don’t mind losing from the very first beginning, especially if you’re a newbie. Just play again and again and then everything will become easier.

    Last but not least, never expect for any extra because there is nothing. Keep in mind that you only perform one action; that is, kill as manyopponents as possible. Of course, this will help you finish the major aim of Force Ship. No time for waiting. Here we go!

    How to control

    • The mouse cursor is to guide the ship.
    • The left mouse is to shoot.
    • The right mouse is to boost the speed.

    Tips and tricks

    1. Moving around will help to fulfill the Speed bar automatically.