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There is always a rule in this world, where the large one will defeat the small one. And of course, this is what you can apply to

In the beginning, you will get started as a humble clownfish. Then, you will gradually upgrade yourself and turn into a terrifying predator.

During the .io game, you should try to eat as many enemies as possible. But make sure that you can only swallow the smaller fishes.

By this way, you can absorb their powers, assisting you to become stronger and bigger.  

Let’s become the ultimate winner with this multiplayer game! You are going to fight against the real online players in this fierce battle.

How to Play:

  • There are some simple control buttons that you should remember to have the best gameplay. In particular, use the mouse to dash and the keys WASD to move around.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. The only thing you should do in this game is trying to eat more planktons and get more XP. This is going to help you become a bigger fish.
  2. Don’t forget to attack the smaller fishes and earn more points.
  3. In case you are still a small clownfish when starting this game, it is wise to avoid the bigger ones since they are aiming to eat you by anyway. Unblocked:

  1., with no doubt, is a cool and fantastic game about the sea world. Everyone can try the unblocked version to have the most enjoyable time.
  2. Also, you can invite your friends and become their enemies in this game. It is thrilling and exciting to identify who is the best sea monster with!


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