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About will bring you to a great multiplayer PvP battle area where you will confront hundreds of players and carry out lots of different tasks to gain the top place on the scoreboard. Are you ready to do it? Here we are!

Look! Your main character is waiting for your support so that he can complete his journey well.

  • First, you need to guide the character to hold his weapon tightly.
  • Then move around and use his first weapon to attack animals such as rabbits, cows, pigs, etc. to get food.
  • The food is important for leveling.
  • If attaining each level successfully, your character will be equipped with new weapons. For instance, he will receive a fire bow in level 2 or dark claws bow in level 5.
  • Aside from collecting the food to level up, killing any enemies (real players or other dangerous creatures) is a necessary thing in the .io world. However, when you are on the lower level, the best way is to run away the higher-level opponents.

When you are from level 1 to level 4, I suggest that you should concentrate on gathering as much food as possible. And from level 5, you’re free to do anything you want such as becoming a farmer who only focuses on killing the animals or a bully who prefers to beat the low-level players or a fighter. No matter what you choose, always remember that the final objective is to gain a high spot on the leaderboard.

The more you play, the more surprising things you will discover. So, no time for waiting, guys! Enjoy, uncover and hope you get more great moments with this cool game!

How to control

  • Movement – the mouse cursor
  • Shoot/Attack – the left mouse
  • Dash – the right mouse

Tips and tricks

  1. Run and shoot at the same time in order to catch the enemy or flee quicker.
  2. Always stay within the green, white, and orange zones when you’re between the level 1 and 4 because the high-level players cannot enter this area.
  3. Until you attain the level 5, it’s okay to set your foot into the black and red zones.
  4. If you want to attract other players, just put yourself on a stone close to a lava circle and wait for an opponent come.
  5. In case you find someone with the same level, yet lack of health, be quick to attack him. Make sure you have full of health to kill him with ease.


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