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Kill opponents and monsters, upgrade your character, collect flowers, capture flags, and perform other cools things in, what do you think, guys? Join and play hard to gain the final victory, right? Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s start!

At the beginning, you need to pick up one among three main characters including Archer (shoots arrows), Magician (throws fireballs), and Warrior (swing a sword). And every character has a variety of awesome upgrades. So, consider carefully before choosing one, okay?

Then, you will be assigned to one team in order to team up with the others. And here are two main actions that you can follow to succeed.

  • Firstly, you will become the main character to find the flag. Check a mini-map below to know where it is. Keep in mind that the flag will give you the highest score and improve your position on the leaderboard well. Of course, taking the flag successfully will bring your team to the final victory.
  • Secondly, you only focus on defeating other monsters and opponents to stop them from attacking your teammates. If you decide to play this position, don’t forget to gather yellow objects around the screen to improve your level. It’s because leveling up is helpful to upgrade your character to a new status.

No matter which way you choose, always remember that you need to be agile and clever in traveling, jumping, shooting and using special abilities. Relying on that, you can defeat other opponents and protect your team well. Last but not least, each round in this game just takes place within minutes. So, try to do everything to assist your team as well as yourself to acquire at least top 5 on the scoreboard.

Think that you can survive long enough to complete with the excellent result, guys? There is no time for waiting. Tap on the PLAY button and take action instantly! Wish you success!

How to control

  • Move around – WASD or arrow keys
  • Attack – the left mouse
  • Freeze/unfreeze – the right mouse
  • Dash – Spacebar

Tips and tricks

  1. A little star on the character’s head represents which team you are.
  2. You will move slow and easily get hurt if carrying the flag.
  3. You will receive 30 coins if your team wins. But, make sure you’re still alive at this time.
  4. The red objects help to heal your character’s health.
  5. Register to save your progress, unlock new skins and receive new updates every week.



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