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    Rating: 10.0

    Votes: 3

    Plays: 1.0k

    About Entropy

    An excellent combination between and in Entropy is ready to welcome your discovery, all .io fans. Believe that you have enough ability to accept this challenge? Of course, yes, right? Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s start now!

    How to play

    • Always remember that the main request of this game is to survive and maintain the top position on the leaderboard as long as possible.Take a look at your main character (a colorful circle) and then guide him to fly around by pressing WASD keys. Next, try clicking on the left mouse to test your first weapon.
    • As soon as entering the main battle, make sure you combine moving and shooting at the same time to walk over anyone you catch on the screen. Besides, you need to be clever to avoid any counter-attack from the opponents. For each success, your rank will be improved effectively. 
    • As a plus, don’t miss gathering any orbs surrounding the battlefield because they help to fulfill the XP bar (check it at the top of the screen). If the bar is full, you are able to upgrade new features for the character including Max Health, Regeneration, Attack, Defense and Speed. Of course, you know that these features are extremely useful to support the character to complete his task better, right? So, try to upgrade all at the best level, okay?
    • Another wonderful thing is that you can activate a Super (tap on Spacebar) to protect your character as well as sending huge attacks on your opponents. With different Superslike Lightning, Shield, Invisibility, and so on, you can choose them at the welcoming screen before playing. 
    • Last but not least, this cool game allows you to use a variety of bullets such as Snow bullet, Lava bullet, Gravity bullet, etc. You can pick all 4 bullets at the same time and change them freely while attacking. And don’t forget to hold the left mouse to charge the bullet in the maximum damage in order to defeat the opponents easier.
    • With lots of amazing things, I bet that the battles in Entropy will be extremely exciting and thrilling. If you’re willing to put your name on the first rank, do it now, guys.

    Tips and tricks

    1. You need to wait for seconds so that the Super can charge its energy automatically.
    2. Don’t forget to eye a mini-map to know the current situation.
    3. Share this game via social networks to unlock new bullets.