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Have you ever experienced a unique battle underground? I bet you never join it in the .io world. Is it right? So, why don’t you enter and take control one of the fierce driller? Here will be your biggest opportunity to get through the earth and build the greatest machine ever.

First of all, please pick up a drill for your driller. From a small drill to a huge one or an electric one, be free to take any or try all if you want. Then start guiding the driller to move around to collect valuable gems underground. Each gem will give necessary scores, and it’s essential to improve your position on the leaderboard.

Of course, attacking other drillers is also vital to help you gain the first place soon. But, how to kill them? Well, you are given 3 different ways including:

  • Your own drill – Guide the drill towards your opponents and hit them.
  • Booster power-ups – Combine it with the drill to send huge damage to the enemies or increase the speed to run away.
  • Bombs – Dropping a bomb is rather effective when someone is chasing you. However, you shouldn’t step on your own mines, or the game will be over immediately.

It’s best to carry out all three of ways so that you can defeat as many opponents as possible.

Another exciting thing is that you can upgrade some specific abilities for the driller such as Armor, Energy, Damage, Speed and Turn. Whenever catching a new level, a board of these abilities will appear and you need to choose to upgrade anything you want. In my opinion, you should opt for the Damage first.

And don’t forget to observe the leaderboard on the right side to know where you are. Then try to overcome the first player to gain this position and maintain it as long as possible.

Think that you can accomplish this cool game with the best result? Will you obtain the greatest driller more than ever? Set your feet in now! Wish you success!

How to control

  • Movement – the mouse cursor
  • Increase the speed – the left mouse
  • Place a bomb – the right mouse or Spacebar

Tips and tricks

  1. Aside from gems surrounding the screen, you can drill stones to get the gems inside.
  2. Drilling from the back is a good idea.
  3. Note that the bombs can travel through tunnels. So, try to intersect other players’ tunnels and drop the bomb to explode them.