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Rating: 6.5

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Play and experience a series of different magic battles! Have you ever experienced before? Of course, not because this game is unique in the io world. And if you don’t want to miss it, come here and discover now!

Choosing one among three characters is the most interesting thing that makes your battle become different and unique. Since each has its own abilities and skills to fight, please consult carefully before picking up one or just try all and then select the one you can work well with.

  • A dwarf is equipped with a mighty sword so that he can carry out a strike. Besides, he has a passive armor to protect himself and a special skill of Damage and Stun to deal with heavy damages. What’s more, the dwarf can become invulnerable for seconds.
  • A wizard can cast a spell and magic with her wand, produce explosive balls to defeat enemies and slow them down to attack. In addition, she has a great skill of Regen all Mana that is helpful for filling her teammates’ mana.
  • A villain owns a sword like the dwarf and he can become invulnerable to emergency cases. Additionally, he is able to increase his speed. Plus, he has an awesome skill of sending invisible bombs that can badly affect the dwarf and wizard.

After choosing the character, continue picking up a team you want to join like RED or GREEN. So, the main request of this game is to defeat all the players on the opposing team, got it?

Start directing your character to move around and remember to observe a mini-map below to determine where the opponents are. Then take advantage of all the abilities and skills to attack them. For every success, the character will receive XP points for upgrading his level. But, please note that you have to spend a certain number of coins on availing abilities and skills. Furthermore, you need to wait for them to reload after every use.

Aside from attacking the opposing team, don’t forget to defeat other dangerous creatures such as dragons, trolls, etc.

So, lots of works to do in, right? Think that you can complete well and help your team gain the final victory? Play now and hope you succeed soon!

How to play

  • Move the mouse cursor and tap W or Spacebar to help the character move.
  • Hit the left mouse to attack.
  • Click on 1-4 to use quick skills.

Tips and tricks

  1. Coins will be increased automatically. So, you don’t need to search for them while playing.




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