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    Rating: 7.7

    Votes: 22

    Plays: 2.8k


    Instead of focusing on clashes between you and other players in the .io world, brings extra actions that you might not find in any .io games. You don’t want to miss it, do you? Tap on the PLAY button and start now!

    At this time, you’re allowed to take control of a small helicopter to create your own territory. It’s not too hard to do. Try guiding your helicopter to move slowly around and at the same time create each wall. Make sure that all these walls need to be linked to each other accurately.

    At the beginning, you should create a small area and then begin to expand it gradually. The more territory you create, the more XP points will be added to your level bar. And when the bar is full, you will get 1 score point to use the upgrades. There are 7 excellent upgrades including Player Speed (increase the helicopter’s speed), Bullet Speed and Bullet Range (improve the bullets’ ability), Tower Shield and Tower HP (improve your tower), Build Distance, and Reload Speed.

    In addition, you should pay attention to the appearance of other players. Since knocking down the opponents brings a higher score than only focusing on expanding the territory, some might be aggressive. So, don’t make concessions. Just shoot when seeing anyone near to your territory. However, it’s best is to stay in your territory and fire because the opponent’s bullets can’t go through your walls.

    As a plus, if you reach the level 20 successfully, you will receive another wonderful support, called Superpower. Truly, there are 6 Superpowers to choose such as Clone (multiply the firepower), Dual Shot (receive an incredible firepower), Shield (decrease the risks) and Flashbang (white out the opponents for seconds), and so on.

    With lots of cool things and exciting actions to perform, can you create the biggest territory in, guys? Will you play at peace with the others and attack anyone you catch on the screen? Do anything you want to rule the first place on the leaderboard. Good luck to you!

    How to control

    • Move around – WASD or arrow keys
    • Shoot – the left mouse
    • Build – the right mouse or Spacebar
    • Activate the upgrades – 1-7
    • Use the Superpower – E

    Tips and tricks

    1. When building the walls, avoid creating too many long ones.
    2. Just attack someone who is building the walls because they won’t have enough time to turn back to their territory.
    3. The Superpower needs about 30 seconds to recharge after every use.