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It’s hard to miss any new .io games when they are not only super exciting, addicting but also highly competitive. If you fall in love with popular games such as, or, you will soon prefer Land on here to know the reason!

How to play

  • Let’s start as a neon snake and help him become the last oneon a big map after completing each round successfully. With three game modes including Knockout, Arena 2 and Arena 3, you are free to play Knockout while the two remaining ones ask for a fixed amount of money. Begin with the free mode at first, okay?
  • The main screen will point out where your neon snake is. And you need to be quick to guide it to turn left or right by availing the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. Try to avoid bumping into your own body, the lines you leave behind, the walls as well as other competitors and their lines because you will stop moving when unfortunately touching anything.
  • Normally, the snakes will leave some holes on their lines. Don’t forget to take full advantage of them to avoid other lines or save time by going through other snakes. Make sure you’re skillful and carefully to complete, okay?
  • Additionally, the game features a range of power-ups that can affect you, your opponents and the map. They are divided into three different colors. The Green only affects the players. The Red affects everyone, but who takes it will receive more. The Blue is for all on the map. Try clicking on here to get a clearer view of these power-ups such as Speed, Free Travel, Reverse, Free Item Roam, and so on.Depending on each different map, the number of power-ups is quite different. So, whenever discovering them, grab instantly to reach the victory in the soonest time.
  • Although this game doesn’t offer a general leaderboard, try your best to be on top in each roundin order to earn more money. Give a try and spend cool moments on playing with! Have fun!

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Tips and tricks

  1. Making a space in corners is easier to protect.
  2. Avoid overextending your line to kill the others because your long line will be unprotected well.
  3. Try to pass the holes successfully in order to open up other new ways.
  4. For further useful tips, wikiHow also offers lots of interesting information. Check it to know more!


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