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The .io world continues introducing a very new multiplayer PvP car arena with awesome bumper cars, called Feel excited to join this playground and experience fantastic moments? No time for waiting, guys! Here we go!

How to play

First of all, you need to pick up your own car from an available list. Look at different characters on every car and choose the one you want such as Mario, Naruto, Batman, Pikachu, etc. Then get in your car and begin to crash others.

Controlling the car in is rather simple. You just move the mouse cursor so that the car can run around. In case you want to increase its speed, just hold the left mouse. But, remember that you need to have enough fuel to activate the speed. Truly, it’s not hard because the fuel can be fulfilled automatically. View a yellow bar on the head of the car and you know when you can boost the speed.

The next thing is to learn how to attack other players and dangerous creatures. Since you’re directing the bumper car, the only way is to let your car hit the back of opponent’s cars. Of course, you need to hit continuously to make their health bar turn to zero. Make sure to boost the speed in order to increase the damage. At the same time, remember to protect the back of your car or you will be kicked out of the game. Got it?

The more enemies and creatures you kill, the more coins you get.

In this game, collecting the coins is extremely important since they help to increase your health and refill the fuel bar quickly. Aside from defeating the others to have coins, you are able to find some available ones on the ground or simply hit crates. And the most interesting thing is that your car will become bigger and bigger if you capture a large number of coins.

Finally, don’t forget that your last objective is to attain a high position on the leaderboard like playing other .io games. And always do your best to maintain this spot as long as possible. Believe that you will dominate the arena in with the best result! Test your driving skills every day. Wish you success, .io addicts!

Tips and tricks

  • Never face to face the opponents as well as the creatures because it brings more damage to your car.