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Don’t miss experiencing new and exciting features that has just updated at the end of this year 2017, guys!

Look! Instead of guiding a small UFO, you will control a cool spaceship like or And the biggest objective is certainly to attain the highest position on the leaderboard. But, you are not alone at this time. This game requires you to work with other players as a team and all need to attack the remaining team to get the final victory.

Before starting the main battle, please equip your spaceship in the best condition.

First of all, you need to learn how to guide the spaceship to move around and how to use a blaster to shoot objects surrounding the galaxy. If shooting any object successfully, you will receive lots of necessary resources such as gold, steel, copper, tin, etc.

The next thing is to learn how to craft these resources into the important items. Land on the spaceship’s crafting room and then you will see a variety of items that you can craft. As long as you have enough the required resources, everything will be easy. For instance, if you want to increase the firepower, try crafting new blasters or miniguns or rocket launchers. Or in case you need to protect the spaceship, Energy Shield and Healer are the best support.

Truly, whenever searching for the resource and crafting the items, your spaceship might confront some enemies. The best thing is to avoid them before getting enough power to counter-attack. Until you think that you are ready to fight, let’s FIGHT. Be skillful to guide the spaceship to shoot the enemies accurately and dodge their attack quickly. And don’t forget to work with your teammates to carry out the task better.

Now is your performance, guys! Try to apply what I’ve mentioned about collecting the resources since it’s extremely important for upgrading your spaceship before combating. Hope that you can gain the victory soon as well as throwing your name in the top place of the leaderboard!

Don’t wait anymore! Enjoy now!

How to control

  • Movement – WASD keys
  • Aim and shoot – the left mouse
  • Use/Unstack the items – the right mouse
  • Change the items – 1-5
  • Inventory – Q
  • Crafting – C

Tips and tricks

  1. Avoid coming too close a black hole since your bullets will change their trajectory.
  2. Always observe a mini-map to determine where your spaceship and the enemy’s base are.


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