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About is totally similar to Connect 4, a famous 2-player strategy game that has been playing by lots of people. If you are accustomed to this game, you won’t meet any difficulty for sure. Just click here and enjoy. But, in case you’re new, don’t mind consulting some necessary information below to understand better.

How to play

At first, you need to choose one of two options including Public Game and Private Game. Then wait for an opponent that the server is looking for. After that, both will be brought to a stunning 3D place that looks like a living room. And you can see a board with 2 piles of disks (red and yellow) on a table.

So, let’s find out the main request! It’s to match four of the disks in a connected line, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You and your opponent will take turns adding the disk to the board. And the one who finishes first is the winner.

Although the task sounds rather simple, it’s surprisingly hard to analyze if you don’t concentrate on finding a good strategy. Actually, there are a variety of techniques and tactics to gain a victory. At this time, I show some basics so that you can follow.

  • The left mouse is the only key to interact with the game. So, be careful when using it to place the disk on the board as you want.
  • Controlling the center of the board is extremely important at the beginning since this helps to open other ways of connection.
  • Try to block your opponent’s move. That means you are defending against his tactics. And at the same time, you should place your disks in the open spots that permit them to attain the 4-disk connection.
  • Playing offensively via establishing connections with your disks is a nice idea.

Hey, newbies in Do you feel excited when enjoying this fun and classic game? Are you ready to become a Connect 4 pro in the online world? If yes, get started now.

Tips and tricks

  1. Place the disks in a form that looks like the number 7 (3 horizontal disks are connected with 2 diagonal ones, extending from the rightmost horizontal disk). This way helps you create multiple directions to make a connect-four.
  2. Never fill a spot under a game-ending move.
  3. Before making any move, please think carefully and see how it might impact your opponent. The best thing is to plan multiple moves in advance.


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