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Have you tried any video game that sets in the world of cells like Cellulus, CellX and more? We bet those video game cannot satisfy you, and that is why today we will recommend one of the most wanted Platform, .io video game – On entering this video game, you will immediately catch up with the funniest battle you have ever seen.
The word “Fun” is suitable to describe battles with colorful elements and fast-paced gameplay like’s battles. Are you ready to test your own tactical knowhow and skills? Starting with a small cell, you have to go on an adventure of looking for the smaller cells. Why do you need to do that in Because the smaller cells are the most common foods for you when you want to get bigger. The funny thing is these smaller cells also include the other players in them, which means sometimes you will need to avoid being eaten by the other bigger players as well!
The game allows you to split yourself into smaller pieces as you have to cover the largest map area you can. Just as the rule of survival says, you will have to hunt down all the other players within your battlefield to become the most valuable player in the game world. To do it, the game requires you to be truly brave and strong. Are you able to handle it? Let’s get to now!

How to play:

  • Move: Mouse.
  • Split: Space bar.
  • Feed: W.
  • Double Split: Q
  • Split into max pieces: T

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you are not happy with the controls that the game gives you, you can modify them in the “Control Panel”.
  2. You should stay away from the bigger players and try to guard yourself until you are big enough to fight your enemies back. Unblocked:

  1. Do you want to experience in a smoother and better gaming environment? Let’s get to today and enjoy this video game. Check it out!


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