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    Rating: 7.2

    Votes: 29

    Plays: 5.2k

    About CastleGlory.IO

    CastleGlory.IO is a very new multiplayer strategy .io game that is developed by Shubham Garg at the beginning of 2018. Think that you can create the biggest and strongest military force to protect your castle in this game? If you’re totally confident of your capacity, start acting now!

    How to play

    • Unlike other strategy .io games, you don’t need to take care of the leaderboard because this game mainly features match-based 1v1 fights. That means you will face to face a random opponent and you need to play well to gain the final victory. Of course, I will guide you how to win.
    • First of all, you should know that the left mouse is the main key to help you interact with everything while playing.
    • Then look at your castle on the left side and remember that your major task is to safeguard it at any cost.
    • Continue viewing available numbers on the top which represents the number of wood and gold. They are extremely important to help you hire and build the best army that you want.
    • Next, eye available items at the bottom including spearman, swordman, horseman, catapult, archer, Tesla tower, walls, fire tower, mage tower, woodcutter, and gold mine. Tap on any item you want so that they will appear on the screen and start fight automatically.
    • With the basic information above, what you must do is to follow carefully and draw your own plan. In my opinion, you should build as many woodcutter and gold mine as possible at the beginning. After that, hire a series of catapults and different kinds of soldiers to increase the fighting ability. Besides, don’t forget to fortify your castle with walls, Tesla towers, and mage towers.
    • Truly, you are able to do anything you want. Just make sure that you have a large amount of wood and gold. And the last thing is that you must be quicker than your opponent in building your military force.
    • With three different rooms to play in CastleGlory.IO, be free to pick up one and experience awesome moments. Wish you luck with the best result!

    Tips and trick

    1. Try to put soldiers such as swordman, spearman, etc. near borders between you and your opponent so that they can enter the opponent’s castle quickly.
    2. The Tesla towers should be placed in front of your castle.
    3. The wood and gold can increase by themselves, but try to create more woodcutter and gold mine to hasten the process.
    4. Leveling up successfully helps to increase your military force’s power.



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