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    Rating: 7.7

    Votes: 13

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    If brings a cool 3D playground for those who prefer to play an online version of Connect Four, will give you different experiences. Be inquisitive about them, right? Land on here and discover instantly!

    How to play

    • Before learning interesting things in this game, you need to master the common rules and tasks.
    • You will play against an opponent and who links four colored balls first will be the winner. You can connect the balls vertically, horizontally or diagonally as long as they are lying in a row. Keep in mind that you and your opponent will take turns putting the balls into each column of the game grid. And don’t forget to use the left mouse to interact with the game.
    • Meanwhile, the biggest difference that you will confrontis your different opponents. At the welcoming screen, you easily see a variety of rooms such as Find Opponent, Play with Friend, Play Against AI, and Local Multiplayer. For instance, the Find Opponent room allows you to face to face other players from all over the world. But, you have to wait too long. If you hate waiting, try playing with your friend or against AI. Or in case you want to be alone to draw up cool strategies, Local Multiplayer will be your destination.
    • Since you don’t need to defeat anyone or gather any items or even attain the high spot on the scoreboard, this cool game can draw your attention in its own way. Moreover, I believe that you won’t stop playing until achieving a victory over your chosen opponent or the AI one in the hard level.
    • More wonderfully, if you follow via social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, lots of cool things will be unlocked. Just a small tap on their symbols and then you will know all.
    • And now is your performance, buddies. Select the room you want to join and try your best to win. Good luck to you! 

    Tips and tricks

    1. If you are the first person to play, you should put your ball in the center of the grid.
    2. Try to block the opponent’s move to advance your connection.
    3. If playing against a real opponent, you only have a certain amount of time to carry out your move. While playing against the AI, you don’t take care of the time.
    4. Or you can consult a video of Walkthrough to play better.



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