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Don’t miss experiencing a unique football match in, all .io lovers! Are you curious about it? Visit here and explore instantly!

How to play

To normal football games, you have to control a footballer, right? But, in this game, you will try directing a car. Sounds like you’re in Cars movies, doesn’t it? Furthermore, the match happens in a stunning stadium with incredible 3D graphics. requests you to play as a team and the major request is to score many goals than the opposing team. Of course, any .io game starts with an easy-to-understand gameplay. However, the most difficult thing is how to direct the car to move around the field, how to catch the ball and how to kick a goal.

The main keys that will help you is a set of WASD including A and D to steer, W to accelerate and S to reserve. As long as you understand each key’s function, you are able to manage the car with ease.

Then, continue learning how to kick. Whenever catching the ball on the field and starting kicking it, make sure you click on Spacebar to enhance the car’s speed. Relying on that, the car will move like a rocket and send a big impact on the ball. In addition, you should avail it for other situations, e.g. running faster to keep pace with your teammates or the others to take the ball back.

What’s more, please watch out for the appearance of boxes on the field. Never touch them since you find no special items. And crushing them is very time-consuming. Last but not least, don’t forget to click on Q to change your view while playing. This allows you to control the car easily in some specific situations.

In sum, to win this game, you have to carry out a lot from defending to attacking to assist your team to reach the last victory. Until the time runs out, you will catch a large board that appears and shows which team is the winner with the detailed information.

Will your team be the best one in Access here now!

Tips and tricks

  • Be wise while increasing the car’s speed.
  • If the players of the opposing team are guiding the ball, just hit them to take the ball.
  • Each round only happens about 4 minutes.
  • Be free to change your car’s appearance in the Customize part.


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