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Continue indulging yourself in the best online game from the inventor of  that is As a loyal fan of .io games, your main objective is to defeat everyone else and attain the top position on the leaderboard.

How to play

  • Let’s start with a “car”, though I think it looks like a computer mouse! With a flail behind, you need to throw it towards other players and kill them for scores. To carry out this task, try aiming your flail and then release it to hit opponents. Even you can do better when moving the car around the area. Or smash your target by running toward them with a quick speed and then detach the flail. Relying on that, it can hurtle other players and kill them in just one hit. This way might sound funny and exciting, right? However, please choose the opponents who are smaller than you before facing up to the big ones. And remember to take the flail back by clicking and holding the mouse.
  • Aside from killing enemies, eating necessary energy from different sources surrounding is quite important. It’s because you can increase your flail’s power, gain the number 1 of the leaderboard, and rule the world of with ease. In case that your car is distracted, remember to come to green sentinels in order to get backthe stolen energy. And don’t forget to avoid red spots since they can damage you.
  • Although this game debuted quite closely the release of, it attracted a considerable number of the players as well. With pure and nice 2D visuals, you can’t take your eyes off the screen until gaining the first position for sure. No time for waiting so long, tap Enter and play with millions around the world now!

What’s your best strategy in enjoying

  1. If your main strategy is to kill as many opponents as possible, you are able to either smash them against the wall or just wait at the entrance and surprise them when they’re between your flail and car. Or preparing a small trap by releasing the flail, then move away from it and wait for the players’ attacks. Finally, just click the mouse to drag the fail and kill them. But, doing everything quickly is a must.
  2. So, how about collecting the energy with less risk? Look for the big cars, but don’t attack them, okay? Then wait for other players kill each other, prepare to throw your flail and take the energy.


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