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Land on and enjoy a full of action that you cannot find in anywhere, guys!

In this game, the biggest request is to become the last survivor after shooting down all of the enemies on a battlefield. Depending on each server, you are able to face up to some or lots of enemies. Of course, all are real players like you.

At the beginning, please hold your gun tightly, then move around carefully and shoot hard anyone you catch on the street. Make sure you fire quickly and accurately to protect yourself from other attack or you will become a spectator until the fight finishes. Aside from shooting, don’t forget to pick up available weapons to increase the fire power. There are different weapons and each has different features to use. Never miss grabbing anything and find which one is suitable for your shooting style.

In addition, you need to pay attention to a mini-map all the times. Avoid letting a blue dot (it’s you) run out of the red circle or you will get trouble. What’s more, whenever an alert about toxic gas appears on the screen, you must stay within the white circle to ensure your safety. But, remember to observe the movement of the circle because it can change automatically and make you meet difficulties.

One more thing that you should do is to acquire a higher spot while playing, simply because you’re in the .io world and the leaderboard is critical for proving your capacity.

If you know thoroughly everything, don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s select a pretty skin such as Dude, Lady, Popo, SWAT or The Doc and combat now! Do you think that you can complete all the requests of within 1 minute and 30 seconds? Or you will die soon? Play to find the final result, all .io lovers!

How to control

  • WASD or arrow keys are to move around.
  • The left mouse is to aim and shoot.
  • E is to pick up the weapons.

Tips and tricks

  1. Normally, the new weapons will appear from the beginning. So, you need to be quick to take it before your opponents.
  2. When the white circle appears, you will confront the remaining enemies. Please prepare yourself carefully and try to defeat all at this time.
  3. Registering or logging in will help to save your progress about Win and Kill so that you can compete other players on the global leaderboard.



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