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    Rating: 7.3

    Votes: 26

    Plays: 2.2k


    Inspired by the original Bomberman games, definitively brings you an exciting playground where you can face to face real players from the world. What will you do right now, guys? Be quick to choose a cool character, type a nickname and set your feet into the arena!

    Your main task is quite familiar; that is, get rid of all the players in an endless game in order to put your name in the top position. You only drop a bomb next to your opponent, run away and let it explode. Remember not to stay near the bomb or your character will be exploded too.

    But, easier said than done since you’re in the .io world. Look at dozens of opponents surrounding and all are aggressive to throw bombs to defeat each other. Therefore, you need to think a tactic and try to be smarter and quicker to trap them into corners successfully. Of course, you should be on the alert to avoid other sudden attacks and protect your character better.

    Aside from beating other players, don’t forget to explode blocks around the map. It’s necessary to expand the way so that you are able to move towards and kill them. Besides, blowing up these blocks gives you a large number of Specials including Shield, Mines, Ghost as well as upgrading your bomb and character. You can check them on the left side of the screen with ease.

    And when you own some certain Specials, be wise to avail them to fight against the opponents. For instance, if someone is chasing you or trying to force you into the corner, activate the Ghost to become invisible or Shield to guard your character. Or try to upgrade your bomb damage to create the big explosions. However, keep in mind that these Specials only happen in some seconds.

    Fight until the last breath and fight for the highest position on the leaderboard? Think that you can triumph this playground in Let’s showyour true ability, guys!

    How to control

    • The arrow keys are to control the character.
    • Spacebar is to throw the bomb.
    • A, Z, and E are to activate the Specials.

    Tips and tricks

    1. Whenever seeing any Specials, grab them now because they just appear within seconds.
    2. Avoid walking on mines if you don’t have any Shield.
    3. Never catch viruses because your character will meet with difficulties while moving.
    4. Blowing up the blocks also increases the score on the leaderboard.