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    Rating: 3.8

    Votes: 13

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    Let’s update, another cool multiplayer block action game in your preferred list of .io games, guys! Although it comes with a familiar concept, you soon discover that implementation is more enjoyable. Don’t waste time anymore! Here we are!

    How to play

    • First of all, you need to understand that gaining and maintaining the highest spot on the leaderboard is extremely important.Then learn how to guide your main character to carry out requested actions to complete the game. Try to look at a block and hit on WASD or arrow keys so that he can move around and eat colorful cubes on the screen. As you know, eating in the .io world is necessary to help the character become bigger as well as increasing your position.
    • Of course, this action is one of the easiest ones that you can do well. So, try to focus on gobbling up as many cubes as possible at the beginning.
    • However, never let your guard down when eating because this playground is full of creepy opponents. Make sure you get away from those who are bigger than your block or they can kill you with a gentle touch. That also means you can do the same thing with those who are smaller than your block.
    • Aside from touching, this game allows your block to use his own gun in order to shoot down the enemies better. Be careful when availing it because your block might decrease his size after every shot. So, only shoot when your block is big enough and try to do accurately.And keep in mind that the left mouse or Spacebar is the main tool to fire.
    • Well, my friends! What do you think about Is it a fascinating war that you’re waiting for a long time? And are you confident enough to make your block become the King? Since everything depends on your best skillfulness and nimbleness, just play hard in order to gain the final victory in this game, all .io addicts! Hope you get more exciting moments and be fun!

    Tips and tricks

    1. If both blocks have the same size, killing via shooting is ideal.
    2. Be quick-eyed to determine which block is smaller and bigger than yours.
    3. Defeating the opponents always gives the higher score than only collecting the cubes.
    4. Always view a mini-map at the bottom of the screen to know where you and your enemies are.



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