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Rating: 7.4

Votes: 86

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Developed by Kwebbelkop, is known as an amazing variation in the .io world. Although the request is similar to other .io games, what you receive is unique and exciting. Be curious to discover it? There we come!

How to control

  • You’re given a small block that looks similar to Tetris style. Then move the mouse cursor to guide it towards colorful squares surrounding the map. The more squares you collect, the bigger your block is. But, it doesn’t mean that you connect the squares carelessly. Always take into account every part of your block and absorb the squares according to a certain shape. Relying on that, you are able to create the strongest structure ever. Remember to use A & D keys to rotate your block and W key to release some unnecessary squares.
  • Of course, protecting your own block from other enemies is a vital task. Search for those who are smaller than you and use a trick to kill them. Via combining the mouse cursor and A or D key, you might direct your block to rotate and smash into them with ease. Try to act quickly and cleverly so that you can gobble up all their squares. In addition, bumping into bigger squares is necessary if your block is larger than them. Generally, you need to carry out everything in order to increase your block as bigger as possible. By this way, attaining the first seat on the leaderboard isn’t difficult.
  • Especially, if you share this game via your social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, lots of custom skins will be unlocked. Besides, joining servers with lots of players is more exciting because you can face up with numerous talented gamers across the world. And remember to use one nickname till knocking out the others on the Daily, Weekly and All-Time leaderboard.
  • What are you waiting for? Time to access our site and tap on the main screen of or download it on any Android or IOS devices to enjoy right away Hope you have a great and funny time with this game!

General tips and tricks

  1. Always observe a small map to determine the position of the King and avoid facing up with him at the very beginning.
  2. Rotating is the best way to kill the enemies.
  3. Absorbing the squares is extremely important. If you let one sit individually for a long time, it will disappear automatically.

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