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Developed by Sidney de Vries, has quickly become one of the best choices for those who are good at planning great strategies in tower defense games. Be ready to demonstrate what you have? Will you overcome other players and occupy the highest position? Play instantly!

How to play

  • Look at the main screen of the game! Do you see a big circle with your nickname? That’s is your fort and you need to defend it at any cost. Actually, the game offers you a certain number of Powers so that you are able to buy and create a strong, powerful army of troops. But, which unit should you equip at the very beginning?
  • Continue observing different circles at the bottom of the screen. Move the mouse on each to find out the unit of Barracks. It’s the first one that you have to purchase to produce soldiers. The soldiers will automatically attack whenever discovering any danger, though they’re the weakest unit in the game. Since you just place 4 Barracks at once, you need to determine where enemies’ forts are via navigating the camera (tap on WASD/arrow keys).
  • Then, learn a range of important towers including Wall, Simple Turret, Generator, House, Sniper Turret, and Armory. Of course, each has different cost and ability to protect and attack the enemies. For instance, you just spend 20 for every wall in order to block incoming units and projectiles. Or put Snipper Turret to lessen the enemies’ fire rate. Think carefully before doing, got it? In addition, upgrading the units and towers is an ideal way to increase your fighting ability. For example, upgrade the House to produce more units or turn the Simple Turret into Spotter Turret for shooting at a very high range.
  • As I mentioned the soldiers above, buying Siege Tank or Commander is quite necessary to improve your damage. You might prefer the Commander because he’s the most powerful unit in this game and useful for opening a way, allowing your units to penetrate into the enemy’s fort with ease. However, you need to spend 1500 and possess only one at a time.
  • The more you play, the more interesting things you discover. No time for waiting! Enjoy and experience tons of fun now!

Tips and tricks

  1. Place Generators after putting Barracks.
  2. Set the Walls as far the fort as possible.
  3. The Simple Turrets should be settled behind the Walls.

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