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    Rating: 7.5

    Votes: 16

    Plays: 1.7k


    Welcome to another exciting .io games from Clown Games, called! Are you willing to enter a big playground and deal with hundreds of players to gain the best result? If your answer is yes, be quick to type a cool nickname and click the button ENTER now!

    How to play

    • Look at your small blob first, guys! Do you see a hook in front of his head? Please bear in mind that it’s his only weapon to attack the others in this game. And now is your performance!
    • Just move the mouse cursor and then your blob will follow. Make sure you’re clever to direct him as well as his hook towards opponents to kill them. Truly, the opponents will die instantly when touching the hook.
    • In case you want to attack someone far from you, you should shoot it. Tap on the left mouse or W key or a symbol on the screen so that the hook can extend and hit the opponents. However, remember that you cannot move while shooting. That means you’re in a vulnerable situation and anyone can attack you. Therefore, you need to be agile to shoot accurately and then get away if catching someone near you.
    • To escape, it’s best to increase your blob’s speed via clicking on the right mouse or Spacebar. Similar to, you cannot boost the speed continuously. So, try looking around and gather as many available dots as possible because they are extremely useful to add energy for advancing the speed.
    • In addition, the more dots your blob collect, the bigger hook he has. And the larger hook means that he is able to defeat the opponents easily and effectively.
    • Use the hook to combat and increase the speed in necessary cases, can you apply these actions in order to complete the biggest objective in Do you think that acquiring the first position in the ranking is an easy thing? How many times have you won in this world?
    • Answer these questions by playing hard! Good luck to you, all .io fans!

    Tips and tricks

    1. If someone stops and shoot his/her hook towards the others, you need to take advantage of this situation to kill him/her instantly.
    2. Eliminate anyone successfully and then you can receive awesome loots.
    3. Just follow social networks to get new and awesome skins
    4. Be free to download this cool game to your smartphone (iOS and Android).