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Rating: 5.4

Votes: 13

Plays: 4.2k

About is an online flash web action space-shooter game with a simple play style as well as cute and familiar-looking graphics. The game allows you to compete against other players online on the same map.

In this game, you control an alien in a spaceship. Your objective is to move your spaceship around and eat the meteor fragments to make your ship more powerful. You’ll need a lot of points as there are up to sections of the ship that needs to be upgraded and the more you upgrade, the more points it’ll cost to upgrade.

There are support items in the game such as shields, health tanks... that players can use to assist yourself or help fight other players when encountering them. There are up to 6 slots for you to store the items. Once you’ve used the items, you’ll need to find and collect them again.

The game also has a few other features to support players like choosing between having the ship follow the mouse or having the ship move where ever you click the mouse, having a larger view point... and with the game also having a leaderboard, it’ll increase the competitiveness between players.

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How To Play :

The game mostly uses the mouse to move the ship and you’ll need to click on the item icons to use the items.

Tips and Tricks :

  1. Look at the minimap to see the location of the meteorite fragments.
  2. Safe the health tanks for when necessary.
  3. Make the point of view wider so you can observe the map more easily.


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