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    Rating: 8.4

    Votes: 25

    Plays: 3.7k

    About definitively gives you the most epic beach battle in history. Fight against hundreds of .io fans by throwing balls at each other, what do you think, guys? Jump on its main screen and relish instantly, of course.

    How to play 

    • Before starting, you need to pick up a boy or girl as your main character. Then follow him to a beautiful beach and be quick to defeat other players in the chaotic and thrilling battle.
    • Look! The character will move if you hit WASD or arrow key. Besides, you have to click on the left mouse so that he can throw a ball. Make sure you click continuously to send lots of balls at the same time. Relying on that, you can defeat your opponents effectively. In case you want to beat them with one shot, the ball must be big. Try holding the left mouse and then release in order to shoot the large ball towards the opponents.
    • However, easier said than done. You will soon recognize that the beach is full of aggressive opponents. Moreover, they might appear and attack suddenly. Therefore, you should be on your guard all the times. It’s best to shoot the ball, move and dodge continuously. And try to focus on one person instead of coping with lots of people at the same time. 
    • If you succeed, you will get some awesome loots from the dead person as well as upgrading your level bar. When the bar is full, a series of fantastic power-ups will appear including Sunglasses, Lucky Charm, New Balls, etc. Be free to pick up one to support your character and then continue fighting to choose another in the next level.
    • Play and try to keep the main character survive as long as possible. Owing to that, you can climb up to the top position in the ranking and get a big crown. And bear in mind that it’s the major target that you have to complete in
    • Are you willing to join? There we come!

    Tips and tricks

    1. Although holding the left mouse too long turns the ball into a block of sand, you can use them to build structures to protect the character.
    2. Always observe a mini-map to know where you and your enemies are.
    3. It’s okay to attack the person who has the crown to be on the top soon.
    4. Watch out for dangerous sharks surrounding the playground.
    5. Log in to save your progress instead of playing as guest only.



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