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Published by Pinterac, has not only become one of the newest and addictive action MMO games but also created a strong impression on the worldwide gamers. So, don’t miss a great chance to discover this excellent game on out site, guys!

At the beginning, you need to choose a suitable Game Mode including Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All. Love working as a team? The Team Deathmatch will be the best choice. Within 8 minutes, you and your teammate have to defeat all the groups to reach the final victory. Meanwhile, your main task in Free-For-All is to knock out over 8 other players in a shorter time of 5 minutes. All sound like, right? However, your main battleground is on the ground, not in the sea.

How to play

  • Choose one mode you want and start guiding your stickman to move around by hitting WAD or ZQD or left/up/right arrow keys. However, avoid jumping too muchsince this action can make your stickman’s healthweaker and weaker. In case you want to jump higher, you need to hold down the generation key (just hit S button or down arrow key).Please always keep the health over zero, otherwise the game will be over. 
  • Next, learn how to use weapons as bows and shuriken. Move the mouse cursor to aim and then click the left mouse to shoot. Got it, guys? Since the game’s speed is quick, you have to do fast yet accurately. And of course, you have to complete your chosen mode before the time runs out.In addition, this game features another powerful weapon that is Bombs. To use wisely, you should have a discriminating judgment to place the bombs in the right positions by hitting the right mouse. Then tap it again to activate.
  • The more enemies you defeat, the more XP points you can gain (30 for each success). And with a large number of the XP points, your character will be upgraded new levels withuseful weapons as well as skins. But, some require coins to unlock and you just own them when killing the King in the mode of Free-For-All (10 coins will be rewarded if you succeed) or simply buy it with your real money.
  • As develops, you definitively experience tons of funny and cool actions ever. Play and try your best in order to gain the utmost title in this game. Good luck to all!


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