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You are in team RED or BLUE, guys? Choose one and start a fierce sea combat against enemies in right away!

At first glance, you might see some similar features as (play as a team) and (play with different modes). Actually, this fantastic game is a great combination that you can experience ever. Start getting your hand in two major game modes including Team Deathmatch and HQ Destruction. The objective of the Team Deathmatch is to defeat as many enemy ships as possible. However, you have to face up with the limited time to complete excellently. To the HQ Destruction, the main task is to wipe out the enemy HQ. And don’t care about the time, just do your best to attain the last victory.

Now, time to guide your own ship and gather some available crates. There are 4 various crates with different abilities. The XP crates will upgrade the ship (at level 6, 11 and 16). When the ship evolves, new weapons and special abilities will be added. Collect the Mine crates to help you move mine, especially when you’re in the HQ Destruction mode. Since every ship has a limited unit of ammo, remember to grab many Ammunition  crates in order to reload your tubes and cannons. Finally, the Repair crates are to repair the ship and stop the HP from reaching zero. If you forget to gather these crates, you might lose soon because the HP is very important.

Since there is no leaderboard like other .io games, what you should do is to show your best fighting ability in attacking the enemies as well as supporting and making all your teammates become the excellent winners. There is no time for hesitating. Let’s play and prove yourself now!

How to play

You need to be good at using both the mouse and WASD or arrow keys at the same time in order to direct the ship. To motivate the weapons, tap Spacebar or an icon in the right bottom. Then hit Q or E to shoot.

Tips and Tricks

  1. At first, each ship is given 20 ammos. For one shooting time, it takes 1; meanwhile, using the special abilities takes 5.
  2. Whenever attaining enough 100 HP, your ship will be upgraded
  3. Don’t worry when your ship is destroyed because you can respawn. However, you will lose 5 level for each time.
  4. Beware of turrets or energy barriers when they are activated because they can damage your ship.


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