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Filled with colorful bubbles, is a survival .io game in which you, as a small bubble at the beginning, have to try your best to survive and conquer the battlefield. Before starting the game, you are allowed to choose your nickname and server to play.

There are 4 playing modes with different features for you to choose. The main mission of the game is to survive among other enemies and grow bigger by consuming smaller bubbles and dots. But in fact, the dots give you not so many points so the key to win is fighting against your enemies. A bubble can be split into smaller ones until they reach the smallest size. You can randomly split them by pressing the SPACE bar or split them toward a direction you want by pressing “T” key.

The control keys are the same in any mode. You can move your bubble by dragging your mouse and trap your enemies by splitting your bubble in some situations. Remember that splitting into smaller pieces means that you will get weaker, so only use it when you really can consume your enemies with your new size. Be careful with the red circles, they will split your bubble into smallest peace if your bubble is bigger than them. Take your turn in this crazy bubble match now in!

How to play:

  • Drag your mouse to move the bubble.
  • SPACE bar to split randomly.
  • T key to split forward.
  • W key to shoot out masses.
  • A key to view attack range.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Split your bubble to attract smaller bubbles to come, then consume them.
  2. Only split when it is necessary. A wrong split will end your game.
  3. Pay attention to red circles, they will get you split into smallest pieces. Unblocked:

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