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About Unblocked (also known as 4 pictures 1 word) is a Puzzle video game that was published by This game is one of the best multiplayer game where you could compete with thousands of gamers from around the world and the special thing about this game is that there will be no guns, swords or any kind of weapon! The only thing you could use in to win the game is your intelligent.

On each level of Unblocked, there will be 04 pictures appear on the screen and all you have to do is to find out the correct keyword that could describe the meaning of all pictures at once. The faster you could guess the correct word, the higher points you will earn on that level to move to the next one. Do notice that in later levels, your points will be running out as a timer, and you have to decide quickly the correct keyword in order to save your current points and earn more points at the same time, this will give you a little bit of pressure!

There are tons of levels from simple to more complex and tricky waiting for you ahead. Don’t be surprised if after finished this Unblocked game, you realize that your vocabulary skill will increase a lot!

How to play:

  • Check the hint images closely to find the correct keyword.
  • Once you’ve guessed it, type in the chat box and hit Enter.
  • If some levels are too hard to guess, just click the Skip button to move on.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Some levels you could guess the keyword right after seeing the 1st picture, just type the keyword into the chat box and wait till the 4th picture shows up then hit enter right away, this will help you to earn the highest score on that stage.
  2. Make sure to take a good use of your dictionary or google translate to avoid typo. Unblocked:

  1. Unblocked is a great game that suitable for all ages to play anywhere but sometimes you might have some connection issue in some places. If you’re facing that kind of issue, let’s head to for an alternative solution.

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