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Developed by MochiBits, has some similar things to one of my favorite games of That’s why I enjoy quite much. Have you ever played it before? No matter what your answer is yes or no, follow me to find out its interesting gameplay and quick tips. There we come!

How to control

  • Start as a small base of 7 hexagons, then guide a snake’s head to move around in order to take control as much territory as possible. To direct the head, click any spot on the area by using the left mouse and then the snake will move towards there. However, beware of the tail when movingso far for the bigger territory because other players can attack your tail and the game is over immediately. Although seizing much territory is important, avoid leaving your base too far at the beginning. Make sure you come back the base safely after capturing a certain amount of territory. Aside from other players’ attack, be careful of touching red borders or you will be kicked out of the game instantly.
  • Can you see some small colorful circles that are running around the area? Remember to catch or encircle them to increase the speed. Relying on that, your head’s snake can move quickly to capture much territory. In addition, don’t miss watching a big board that displays your best and current capacity in possessingthe territory and killingthe enemies. Sounds great, right?
  • So, how long can you dominate the entire area and become the best gamer in One hour or just 15 minutes? Show your true ability by climbing on the top of the leaderboard now, guys! Good luck to you!

General tips and tricks

  1. When you’re in your own base, no one can kill you. So, just stay inside there and wait for other opponents to attack, kill and capture their territory. Or wait for them to penetrate into your base and hit their tail.
  2. Always be slow and steady. Avoid seizing too much territory at one time since it means that you have the weak tail and anyone can strike you.
  3. Although changing new skin for your snake’s head is quite fun, you can be seen by the others. The best way is to choose the same color for your head and base in such a way that you can attack surprisingly.
  4. Patience is the most important key to bring the best result. Walkthrough:

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