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If you’re a fan of shooting .io games and interested in working as a team, be quick to jump into the main screen of now because an endless battle is going to take place in a couple of minutes. Be prepared to fight for freedom? There we come!

How to control

  • Before starting, you need to pick up a team. Will you take part in Bandit team or Soldier team? Want to become a devious Bandit or brave Soldier? No matter which side you choose, always remember that your final objective is to bring your team to the final victory without being killed soon.
  • Let’s grab your weapon and dive in the main battlefield now! Use WASD/arrow keys to walk back and forth to search for enemies. When catching them, shoot instantly by clicking on the left mouse. For each success shot, you will get 1 point. The more enemies are killed, the more scores you gain. Keep in mind that these scores don’t only help you gain the best position on the leaderboard but also maintain your team’s top spot. Since you’re playing as the team, supporting your teammates is a must. If anyone is fighting alone, come there and give them a hand.
  • However, beware of a colorful line (red or blue). If you are red, you can’t penetrate into the blue line because this is the headquarter of the enemies. That also means when you’re hunted by the others, you need to detect a way back to the headquarter as soon as possible in order to conserve your strength. Use this trick for urgent situations because you can see no health potions like other games.
  • One interesting thing that this game offers you a certain amount of money. With $2000, you’re free to purchase more ammo and other powerful weapons such as heavy machine guns, rifles, and so on. Especially, don’t miss collecting some cool hats to make your character more outstanding. Make sure you use the money wisely; otherwise, you have to spend lots of times on defeating the enemies to earn money back.
  • Once you play, it’s hard to leave until seeing the final result. Don’t wait anymore, guys! Enjoy and have fun!

Tips and tricks

  1. Avoid shooting towards barrels and vehicles around the map or you will run out of ammo soon.
  2. Use walls and vehicles to hide and then counter attack. Walkthrough:

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