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About GeoArena Online

Grab your gun to dominate all of the battles in GeoArena Online! Will you become a sharpshooter after completing everything? Join to know now!

At first, you must study someessential skills in order to guide a ship to move around, shoot, etc. Then come back to the main screen to pick up a game mode and start fighting. There are 4 different modes including 1v1, 2v2, Bot and Custom. If you’re interested in playing solo, 1v1 or Bot will be suitable because you will be randomly matched with an equal player. Or want to play as a team, you should go with 2v2. To the Custom mode, you will get a cool chance to play against your chosen friend.

Next, customize your Ship. Keep in mind that it’s an important part to make your main character become stronger in the combat. Choose a shape that you think you can work well such as Circle, Square, Star, or X. Later, consider weapons and skill. Since you are free to select 2 weapons and 1 skill,make sure you read all the information carefully.

And now, it’s show time!

Similar to other shooting .io games, you need to defeat enemies via firing aggressively yet accurately. For each successful shot, you can create a bad damage on your opponent’s health (look at two bars at the bottom to know more). Except for your main rivals, the game also offers a range of dangerous things that can attack. So, don’t mind beating them instantly, okay?

Keep moving and shooting all the time to gain a victory in every round and then you will be rewarded lots of coins and XP points. The coins are important for purchasing more weapons, skill as well as unblocking some new skins for your ship. Meanwhile, the XP points are helpfulin occupying necessary medals.

So, what do you have to do next? Type a nickname and PLAY GeoArena Online right away!

How to control

Click on WASD or arrow keys to direct the ship. Hit the mouse to shoot. Press Spacebar to change the weapons. Tap on Shift to use the Skill. 

Tips and tricks

  1. Come back every day to get 50 coins for free.
  2. When reaching Silver, 300 coins will be added.
  3. If you introduce GeoArena Online to the others, you will instantly get 500 coins.
  4. As a newbie, you should come with the Circle ship.

GeoArena.Online Walkthrough:

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