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Developed by TairaGames in December 2017, has soon attracted lots of .io fans thanks to its unique and interesting gameplay. If this is your first time, be hurried to enjoy it now or you will miss for sure.

How to play

Let’s talk about the biggest objective that anyone must complete while playing this game first. Do you see a leaderboard on the left of the screen? So, you need to throw yourself in the top position and maintain its rank as long as possible. Although it sounds familiar like other .io games, you will recognize that the actions are totally different.

Well, try looking at a little chicken on the screen, guys! Truly, you don’t have to help him eat anything to become bigger. The only thing that you should do is to assist him to collect eggs. It’s rather easy while you just move the mouse cursor and then the chicken will follow.

Guide him towards the available eggs so that he can take them and transfer to his nest. The more eggs he catches, the bigger his net will be. And the number of eggs is valuable scores that can improve your rank on the leaderboard. 

Since you’re in the .io world, keep in mind that you will be surrounded by other players. Hence, another fascinating action is to control your chicken to come to his opponents’ nest and steal their eggs. But, be careful because when entering these nests, they can kill your chicken via sending a gentle touch. The best thing is to observe surrounding if you are going to penetrate. At the same time, don’t forget to active the Sprint so that your chicken can move fast. Make sure you are skillful and agile to perform well or the game will be over instantly.

Since you can steal the others’ eggs, they can do the same thing like you. So, remember to guard your nest as well as avoiding straying too far.

Overall, there are different strategies so that you can carry out to finish the main request. Only focus on stealing the others’ eggs or just gather the eggs and defend your nest. Do whatever you want in and wish you success soon!

Tips and tricks

  • The Sprint will be loaded automatically within seconds.
  • View a mini-map below to determine where you and your opponents are.
  • Click here to download for your smartphone. Walkthrough:

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