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Jump into your own car and race against other competitors in now! If you’re accustomed to play other racing games, everything will be simple at the beginning. But, remember that you’re in the .io world. That means you have to protect yourself from danger, stay alive until the end and gain the top rank on the leaderboard. Be ready to uncover interesting and unique things in this cute game? Here we are!

First of all, you need to choose one among 9 various classes including Racer, Bully, Flash, Hazard, Buster, Ambulamp, Piercer, Sludger, and Deprived. Each has different abilities such as Speed, Defense, Damage, Handling, and Special. Therefore, you need to consult carefully before beginning the race. Keep in mind that the main request is to complete 20 laps in the soonest time. So, guide your car to run cleverly and avoid crashing into the wall, okay? For each successful lap, some upgrades will be added to the abilities. For instance, you can upgrade the cannon’s damage and speed for your Buster. Or just level up Speed in order to avoid unexpected combats and complete the laps.

Of course, all depend on you. But, don’t miss gaining moreupgrade points via killing other enemies. Or simply to choose Ambulamp to increase your opportunity of survival when shooting Healing Orb towards the competitors.

Aside from 9 different class, offers a rare class, called Secret. It looks like a black 4-pointed star with a thick white outline. Try checking here to know how to unlock it.

A cool strategy for those who select Racer Class

  • Lots of players choose Racer for their first race because its abilities are similar. As a newbie, you won’t meet any difficulty to control it. Run carefully, avoid bumping against anything and then upgrade Max Health at first. Then continue upgrading Max Boost and the remains. Or you can buy Max Health or Speed at the very beginning to move faster than other players. In case you’re curious about other classes, enter here to see what you can do in order to complete the 20 laps soon. 
  • Love fast and furious?Don’t miss playing since it’s the best choice in the .io world. Land on its main screen and gain tons of fun now!

How to play

Move the mouse cursor to guide the car. Tap Spacebar to activate Special. Click on the left mouse to boost the Speed. Walkthrough:

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