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For the first time, you can see some similar features between and or For instance, your main task is to control a small itemuntil it becomes the largest one by demolishing other opponents. However, the difference is that you need to show some excellent skills of dodging and dashing at the right times.

How to play

  • Of course, you have to type your username before starting controllinga tank (a blue circle with a small square attached) to shoot down available obstacles consisting of colorful triangles, squares, and pentagons. Use the mouse to aim at each target and tap the left mouse or spacebar to attain enough XP for a bar and then level up. Or hold either the spacebar or the mouse to shot continuously. Then move around by using WASD or arrow keys to find out other obstacles and other tanks. However, be careful of the bigger tanks with their harsh bullet showers and try dodging them as clever as possible. If not, your XP in the level bar will remarkably decrease.
  • Remember that the level bar is quite important to level up. By shooting down the obstacles and enemies, you will supply a necessary amount of XP. And when each is full, a stat point will be added right away. Relying on that, you can own some different kinds of usefulStats such as Health Regen, Body Damage, Bullet Penetration, Reload, Movement Speed and more. Moreover, when attaining level 15, you’re free to choose different kinds of the tanks in Tier 2. Keep playing until reaching Tier 3 and 4 in order to discover lots of interesting items.
  • Thus, are you ready to enter a simple background and see how you can direct the tank until reaching the first position? There is no time for waiting and hesitating. Let’s play, guys!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Shooting backward is a nice idea when you’re moving for extra speed because the recoil will propel you forwards.
  2. Instead of trying to kill other players at the beginning, you need to spend more time on shooting down the obstacles.
  3. As your first transformation (level 15), please upgrade a Twin and later max out the Bullet Damage and Reload.
  4. When coming to level 30, stop collecting stat points and advance a Triple. Then max out the Bullet Speed and Bullet Penetration.
  5. Beware of the pink triangles as they are homing shots from the enemies. Walkthrough:

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