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PLAY NOW Spaceplan

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 4

Plays: 3.8k

About Spaceplan:

Spaceplan is defined as a clicker game. It is inspired by a book named A Brief History of Time which was published by Stephen Hawking.

Through the game, you have to achieve the final goal which is to attach probes to the pink planet with a view to generating power to activate your ship

During the game, all you need to do is keep clicking the button continuously so that power is generated. After that, players can make use of the energy to set up new probes and sources.

Nevertheless, some probes will be destroyed during the game. That is the reason why you should seek upgrades via the section Idea Listener. Additionally, you can also boost your power.

The ultimate objective will be satisfied when you possess the highest source of power.

Particularly, players will constantly generate power to develop and collect potatoes, and you will discover why the Earth has disappeared in the first place.

The energy that your clicks create allows you to build a lot of different potato structures, including potatoes satellites and potato towers.

Fortunately, the developer has created one definite ending for this game, so it does not go on forever. If you spend a few days checking in Spaceplan, you can find out how it is going to finish.

Even though the ending is pretty weird, you can reset and play it over from the start. Unlike other idle games that leave you bored right from a few initial clicks, Spaceplan is a different story.

By playing Spaceplan, you will figure out that this game incentivizes players to keep clicking in order to obtain advanced upgrades. As a result, they can double their production in a few clicks.

The special thing about this game is that it is available on multiple different platforms. You can either try it on your computer, or you can download it through Google Play and App Store.

How to Play:

  • This is another typical example of how a simple clicking game attracts players until the very end. Use your left mouse button to keep generating power and getting upgrades.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Sometimes you have to wait since earning a lot through clicking might make you crash into a wall
  2. A timing feature is embedded into buying a specific object
  3. Players can redo and reset their experiences once they have finished the game

Spaceplan Unblocked:

  1. If you ask me, I would highly recommend Spaceplan to those who are looking for a unique clicking game. Despite the fact that what it offers is simple and easy to follow, you will find yourself engaging into it for a while once you try.
  2. In addition, I strongly believe that the visual designs make Spaceplan stand out from the other idle games. This is not to mention that there is an alternate ending for Spaceplan.
  3. The unblocked version of Spaceplan will not let you down.